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Your Station Streams

These are the streams we will be monitoring and that will be playing in your apps. If the streams contain metadata of song name and artist, we'll construct and show the playlist in the application. We also support receiving this information through interfaces of streaming companies as Radionomy and streaming servers such as SHOUTcast.

Application Theme Color

Customize the theme color of your application. Buttons, menu dividers and other styled items will appear in this color. You can select the color manually, or click a color in your logo to pick it.
Enter your color code, or select it in the wheel
Or select a color in your logo, by clicking it

Your Social Feeds

We can monitor all your social feeds (facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube channel, On demand content and more) and feed any new items into the app. All automatic. This will make listeners stay for much longer in the application.
You do not need to set up all the feeds now. You can add or modify them later. But it would be good to set up at least one or two, so that you can see how this looks in the app.

Your Home Page

The main screen of the app is a home page that consolidates all the information that you have to share with the listener - the song that is currrently playing and the latest items from the social feeds. You can change the tiles of this page at any time through the Nobex Partners portal, and you can create your own custom tiles. You can modify and perfect this later.

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Preparing Your Station

We are saving all the information, setting up your account, and starting the process of building the applications. You will soon receive emails notifying you on the progress and next steps.

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