We make it easy for you to create your own highly customized mobile app and provide the most powerful tools to help you engage, grow and monetize your listenership.

Highlighted Features

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In no time, you can have your own, branded application published in the application stores. No more sending your listeners to find you in other applications. You control the content, the dialog, and your brand. And it's not just about your live stream, it's also for your on demand content, YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - anything you have to share with your audience.

Customizing Your App

Customizing Your App

Update your app on the go with your station's social feeds and custom forms. Now you can be in charge of how your app looks any time.



Listeners can view your playlist in real-time and can share their favorite tracks with their friends and get reminders when it plays again!

Sleep Timer

Push Notifications

Your most powerful re-engagement tool that brings listeners back to your app

* Listeners are 80% more likely to stay engaged with your station when they receive push messages.

Mobile Monetization

Nobex Partners Apps offer a way to run visual ads that pay $6-10 CPM, native ads within the lists in the application, and a unique, hyper-local ad system that allows you to sell highly engaging, targeted, measured and geo-fenced local ads.

Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay™ Supported

Nobex Partners Apps now support Apple's CarPlay™ - your app can be visible and manageable from the CarPlay dashboard systems in select car models!

Android Auto

Android Auto™ Supported

Nobex Partners Apps now support Android Auto™ - your app can be visible and manageable from any Aundroid Auto dashboard system and from the Android Auto application!

Understand Your Listeners

Mobile is not just a new distribution channel. It's an eye opener.

The application keeps reporting usage and events to the server. Your listener tuned in - you know when and where. She switched off - you know what song was playing then. She increased the volume - that's an interesting engagement signal. We take all this data, and provide you with actionable insights. And all this - without requiring the user to do anything other than listening to you.


Live Activity Map

The Live Activity Map pops up pins for each listener that tunes in. See where your listeners are and watch as your reach grows.


Song Charts

See what tracks your listeners are loving in your playlist, and the ones they aren't. Now you can stop playing tunes that are turning them off and your listeners can get more of what they love.

PlayList BI

Playlist Business Intelligence

A great way to visualize your playlist at a glance: are songs engaging your listeners, are you overplaying any of your top hits, is there a new track that's about to be a huge hit. Then get more granular detail by checking out the Song Trend for each track you play.


Song Trend

See how each song is trending in your own playlist with your listeners. On its way to the top hits or on its way out?

New Revenue Channel

Discover new revenue channels

Include visual ads that pay $3-20 CPM, advertise local businesses around you station with custom ads, and promote monthly in-app subscriptions to increase your station's monthly revenue.

Visual Ads

High Paying Intersitials

Apps are ad-supported with top quality ad inventory generating excellent CPM value ($6-10). All stations can be eligible to participate in the Revenue Share program and generate revenues from the apps for their station.

Native Ads

Native Ads

Let your listeners guide the conversation. Collect submissions for talk show topics through custom forms in your app.

Local Ads

Hyper-Local Ads

Create your own great looking mobile ads for local advertisers. Ads are interactive allowing users to click to call, or navigate to the location, or visit the website. Take charge of these new ad campaigns and give your sales team a brand new ad space to offer to your local advertisers.

Increase Listener Engagement

Use tools like push notifications, audio shoutouts, and birthday announcements

It's no longer only broadcast with no control on who tunes in. You can push them reminder messages a few minutes before their favorite show starts. You can push them a link to a special item you think they will be interested in. We will automatically push them a message when a song that they liked is playing again on your station. You can push a message to all your listeners at any time, or schedule it to go out at a given time. You can proactively get them back.


Per Song Push

When your listener loves a song they can "Like" it. Giving you feedback about your playlist, but also adding the song to their list of Favorites. When your station plays the track again, the app will trigger a push notification to the listener to let them know their Favorite track is playing again and get them to tune in.

show reminders

Show Reminder Push

Set up your schedule in the Dashboard to display in your app. It will automatically notify listeners 5 minutes ahead of your shows start time and remind them to tune in.

deep link

Link Specific Content

Send push notifications linking listeners directly to the content you want to share. Pick from your podcasts or YouTube items.


Immediate or Scheduled

Send push notifications in an instant, or you can just as easily schedule them for later. Stay on top of your push schedule and always keep re-engaging your listeners.

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